You can’t tame me!


Oil on Linen

100 x 120 cm


The struggle of the woman presented is a subject that is always an issue no matter the period and somehow not an open minded enough. The painting relates to the “Let me say it” one, as it shows that this woman was protesting as well but a man tried to tame her. The balloons are again presented as a sign of hope, near the protest sign, showing us the desire to evolve into better persons. Rina, is trying to present in this collection called “Frustrations” the normality that women were or maybe still are refused, the struggle they go through but at the same time the capacity of not being tamed. The paintings are a lesson for those who still don’t know how to be better and a tribute for the ones who always stood tall and never gave up.

The painting is made in oil on canvas. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be delivered all over the world.

The painting can also be delivered printed on paper or canvas. Send me an e-mail for the size desired and other details.

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