Therapy – Wounded Warrior


Oil on Linen

120 x 70 cm

SOLD – private collection  Romania – Prints available

Therapy – Wounded Warrior is the story of a fighter who never gives up. It’s a story about searching deep within itself for hope, for inner power through therapy. The nude part expresses the intimacy of the act, and the freedom to day dream about elephants with balloons if that is what makes one feel safe. The painting itself is the story of hearing your own voice and follow it. Reinventing as a better and more powerful person, never giving up. Whenever I gaze at this painting it kind of sings to me – Bird set free – Sia.  Maybe you can hear it too…

The painting is made in oil on canvas. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be delivered all over the world.

The painting can also be delivered printed on paper or canvas. Send me an e-mail for the size desired and other details.

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