Life’s Mask


Oil on Linen

70 x 50 cm

   “ States of Mind collection is a classification based on the topics chosen for composition structure of works represented in dependence on topic. Thus the portrait genre chosen as the predominant approach is important to note from the perspective of the beholder to analyze characters and human types.

            Rina practices neorealism accents attentive to our technical working material, texture and composition at the convention, taking into account human perception of contemporary reporting”–  Ana Canpean – Art critic 

             In the rush to fit in society the character makes their different masks that only makes it lose its authenticity. All that remains is a character with no personality as it is shows in the painting Life’s Mask.


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The original artwork is in a private collection in Romania


Since the original artwork is sold, please check the shop for other artworks.


This product has no designs products, but feel free to check the shop for other artworks.