2019 Oil on Linen 80 x 100 cm Previous Next “Magnolia Queen, Magnolia Queen Launch one thousand ships Oh, carry me back to the in-between Magnolia Queen, Magnolia Queen The shadows will dance, the shadows will dance The fire burns hot From the iron king cobra’s trance The shadows will dance, the shadows will dance” […]

Red Roses

red roses

2018 Oil on Linen 40 x 80 cm Previous Next  “States of Mind Collection  is a classification based on the topics chosen for composition structure of works represented in dependence on topic. Thus the portrait genre chosen as the predominant approach is important to note from the perspective of the beholder to analyze characters and human types. […]

Pink Roses

pink roses

2018 Oil on Linen 30 x 60 cm Previous Next Buy Since the original artwork is sold, please check the shop for other artworks. Roses the infamous symbol of love are presented in this wonderful painting. Carefully presented in a green garden these wonderful roses can put a smile on everyone faces. “Love is like the […]