Innocence No. 1

Innocence no 1

2020 Oil on Linen 60 x 105 cm Previous Next “Innocence No. 1” is a work inspired by the artist Maria Oosthuizen’s artwork as it depicts beautiful scenery with young children. I used it as a start to what I hope to become a full-length collection surprising the innocence of the first years in life. […]

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

2019 Oil on Linen 70 x 90 cm Previous Next “Thinking of you” is about emotions, femininity and sensuality. The gentleness of the lace and the bright light show the elegant and classy part of the beautiful woman waiting. What is she waiting for? Maybe for someone, maybe just  a memory or maybe planning something […]

La vie en rose!

La vie en rose!

2019 Oil on Linen 80 x 100 cm Previous Next La vie en rose talks about childhood history. Childhood a place that made us who we are, that built our characters, and where some of us would return in a blip! Remember, it is never too late to have a happy childhood! Share: Share on […]

You can’t tame me!

You can't tame me!

2018 Oil on Linen 100 x 120 cm Previous Next You can’t tame me presents the struggle of the woman, a subject that is always an issue no matter the period and somehow not an open minded enough. The painting relates to the “Let me say it” one, as it shows that this woman was […]

Let me say it!

Let me say it!

2018 Oil on Linen 100 x 120 cm Previous Next Let me say it, presents a feeling of power and hope, wondering why women had to march for their rights and not have the same ones from the beginning as human beings. The protest signs cover various areas of frustrations, showing us frankly the simple […]

Observing Aliens

observing aliens

2018 Oil on Linen 100 x 120 cm Previous Next Observing Aliens is a painting full of life and it is like talking to you. The crowd made of dark men with no face are observing, almost disturbed the women. Those ones are extremely colored in their brown world, dressed up provocatively and with an attitude […]

Admission Refused

Admission refused

2018 Oil on Linen 80 x 100 cm Previous Next Admission refused – The strong colored painting shows us what it means to hope for an admission and have it refused. Feeling trapped in a cage, gazing at what should be your future but instead it is all denied. The balloons show us the hope […]



2021 Watercolor on Paper 30 x 40 cm Previous Next This is the artist, that always has a brush near by and colors are it’s second name. ‘Tangled Bodies’ is a new conceptual collection based around minimalist drawings created from a continuous unbroken line. Welcome to a world of non-human characters with human abilities. This […]



2015 Oil on Linen 50 x 70 cm Previous Next  ” States of Mind collection is a classification based on the topics chosen for composition structure of works represented in dependence on topic. Thus the portrait genre chosen as the predominant approach is important to note from the perspective of the beholder to analyze characters and human […]