Becoming an artist

Many people think that becoming an artist is only capable after you have graduated from a school of arts.  I on the other hand, believe it is something you are born with. It is not specifically the talent that I am talking about but more the feeling, the sense, the vibe of an artistic soul that you are born with. The love for small details that make something unique, love for beauty, love for colors and seeing images where others don’t. Being an artist it’s like a sixth sense that you have, or you don’t have. Some people don’t follow this their entire life, others can’t sleep if they don’t pursue this vibe. It’s about choices and opportunities I suppose. And maybe, in a way, the people that you have near you.

In my case, becoming an artist was more like discovering that I am an artist. I came from a family with a good eye for beauty and a deep love for unique things. My grandmother used to draw good, my father painted exceptionally as an amateur and I was attracted to it all, but no one taught me a thing. Coming from a family with high expectations, art was not accepted as a part of my future education, so I had no studies in it. When I was a teenager, I became a model, to pay for my taxes at the Law University. Soon after I owned my own talent agency and became a fashion designer. My artistic vibe was bursting in me, but I did not know how to handle it. The fashion things lasted for a few years, until my life changed from a personal level and it all went south. I started drawing in coal a little but nothing big. I started writing poems and stories, but it all never seemed enough from what was trying to burst inside of me.

"becoming an artist was more like discovering that I am an artist"

Probably life had to teach me some lessons, had to make me stop listening to people around me and just do what I feel, like take a brush, and start painting. I was about 30 years old when I managed to do that, so I had no expectations, just a huge desire to paint what I was feeling. It was such a huge desire that I dreamed about painting and had different images in my head. The craziest feeling, I had, was like I am not painting fast enough for all the ideas and images that I am having. Weird I know but I guess, it was all bursting up after all those years of keeping it locked down.

So here I am, an artist with no art major but with the art poison in my veins.