Rina about

Hello! I'm Rina,
Visual Artist
based in Sweden.

Painting is one of the ways I love to express my feelings and emotions.

About me

I have been drawing since I was a child, but I really started painting a few years ago. I guess that life had to teach me some lessons before I could start painting. I had to live, feel and breathe different experiences that colored my soul so that I could paint from it. My first exhibition was in March 2016 and started with a huge success.

My ambition and love for canvases and brushes guided me to learn all that I could about it. I’m always learning and creating, and I guess that is why I love it so much. 

Each painting is a story that meant something to me, a space in time when some emotions and feelings were so intense that I had to let them out using my colors. My life was never boring and it still isn’t, so I guess I will never be out of stories to tell with my brushes. I want to paint the real stories we all have, the real emotions, not perfect images of perfect lives. I never had that and never will, as for me, my life is perfect in all its imperfections. When I feel my contradiction I can create. When I create, there I am true. If you really want to know me, stare closely at my paintings, and who knows, maybe you will find yourself too, hidden between the colors.

I believe that artists are defined by the work, passion, vision, and emotions that are expressed in their creations. I believe in my work and vision and I am grateful to all people that relate to my work and help me keep this passion burning. Thank you for letting my works, therefore me, join your houses, your stories, and your memories.

It is my mission to make your soul vibrate, each time you experience my art.

“An artist cannot fail, it is a success just to be one! ” Charles Horton Cooley

You can see some of my paintings, at  Konstgaraget i Kinna, Bloomigt&Prickigt Bageri Hysnna and at Smedjan I Sätila butic!

You need a customized artwork? I am happy to do it! Write me details about it and I will get back with a quote and delivery time!

Want to learn how to paint? You can participate at my painting classes, starting 2021

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Media Appearance

Customers Reviews

Alan Organ

"This is my second purchase from Rina; the first being a print; this time ordering an actual painting. It arrived via professional courier in perfect condition along with a certificate of authenticity. The oil painting itself “Van Gogh & Klimt - oil painting by Romanian Artist - Rina - Tortillon Collection” is amazing. I had already fallen for the image of it on-line but in reality its richness of colour blows your mind. A gorgeous entwinement of yellows, greens, blues, yellows, reds and silver and gold combined with Rina’s beautiful textures and skilful brush strokes just takes my breath away. The obvious amount of research, creativity, preparation and hard work that has gone into it is incredible. I feel privileged to have it in my home when it truly belongs in a public gallery. Weirdly I only consider myself its custodian.”


"I'm a huge fan of this hugely talented artist, so this is not the first review I have written about one of her works. here she has created a portrait based on what might have happened if Vermeer had worked alongside Frida Kahlo. The result is this amazing adaptation of "Girl With A Pearl Earring". This painting arrived with an authentication certificate promptly and very well wrapped. Rina is an amazing artist. I keep telling people to invest in her work now whilst it is still affordable, because its my guess that one day it will be very expensive indeed. Ive said before and say again that her work is so fabulous that I feel like I am merely its custodian.